Mind in Harrow Seeking Gifts

Mind in Harrow is calling on local residents to donate unwanted clothes and goods to their charity shop to help support those suffering from mental health issues.

Mind has been offering services to patients on waiting lists at NHS for 70 years, and the specific charity shop in Harrow for four. The funding from items sold in the store goes towards providing group therapy, counseling and non-medical rehabilitation for people involved in the service.

The shop accepts donations of all kinds, but is currently in need of summer and menswear. These clothes are less commonly donated as the weather gets warmer, resulting in an emptier shop which  decreases the flow of consumers. Additionally, the store is seeking more bric-a-brac or household items.

When an item is donated, the shop can apply for gift-aiding, meaning more proceeds of the goods go towards their services, rather than only a portion after taxing. When a person comes to donate goods, they can fill out a form which documents the donation, ensuring Mind receives the gift-aiding. Without immediate donations, Mind in Harrow will struggle to stay funded.

Store window by Molly O’Brien

According to Mind’s website, more than one in ten people struggling with mental health problems are forced to wait over a year for NHS services. Mind aims to aid as many people as possible, bringing support to those not receiving it due to this long wait.

Medical student and store supervisor Manisha Gandhi mentioned the sense of community that comes with working at Mind. A number of the store’s volunteers suffer from chronic mental health illnesses. Gandhi noticed it provides both an opportunity to gain skills and interact with new friends for those who might not otherwise have those opportunities.

Gandhi discusses successes she has seen through the Mind program:

Mind has had many patients go on to work for the shop as managers, feeling inclined to give back to a service that has helped them.

Mind supports over 390,000 people across England and Wales, and 7,000 in Harrow alone. On top of that, 16.7 million people were reached through Mind’s website in their 2015-2016 season.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 2.05.32 PM
Statistics from 2015-2016 season. Source: mind.org.uk

The Mind in Harrow shop can be found on College Road in Harrow, not far from Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. To learn more, visit their national website at their website here.


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