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Charming Group Member Wouldn’t Mind “Sitting This One Out” – see the original publication, on the Daily Cardinal website, here.

Last week, Dylan Chadowski, a sophomore at UW-Madison, decided he really wasn’t up to contributing on his Marketing 300 group project, but kept things casual.

Chadowski wasn’t totally feeling it, and is really hoping his group mates will pick up the slack. “I just don’t really see why I should do the work if other people are willing,” Dylan claimed. “I respect their offer, but with the Packer game and all, it’s just not really an option.”

Despite what some may think, Chadowski does attend all group meetings and is doing well in the class. With his upbeat personality and inviting smile, it’s just too easy to defer  all possible responsibilities.

“Whenever I ask him to do something, he looks me directly in the eyes and calmly responds ‘no thank you,’” Group member Laura Abraham explains. She went on to say how she was excited to work with him, having noticed how much time he puts into other assignments.

“Then I realized, the guy has a lot on his plate, and I shouldn’t have expected him to contribute to something he doesn’t love. He deserves to watch the Packer game.” Abraham stated.

She also noted the tremendous amount of extra time other members are putting into the project. With Dylan’s lack of effort, some members have found themselves asking the librarians if they can stay past close to work.

“He is so pleasant, I don’t mind putting in the extra hours.” said another group member.

The deadline is quickly approaching, but with the plethora of Packer games to come, it’s clear Chadowski will continue to deny the offers.


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